Women's Residential

“The women’s program has shown me how to see my life in color again. I have the hope I need to go onto the next steps in my recovery. I am forever grateful for Woodridge Interventions!”

- Emily

Our Women’s Residential Program is a Level III.5 clinically managed residential substance abuse treatment program for women ages 18 and over. The program is available to individuals referred from courts, corrections, social service agencies, medical practitioners, hospitals and other treatment programs, family members, and to self-referred individuals. This program is intentionally designed to affect and guide services that reflect the realities of women’s lives, and will provide the necessary interventions to the women being served.

Our trauma informed, holistic approach to the individual female addresses the whole person within the social context of her life, her relationships and the society and community in which she lives. Our holistic model for gender-responsive programming advocates that one cannot separate substance use and needs and that they must be considered together within the context of her life skills.

The Women’s Program will work in partnership with participating community resources to provide the necessary education, medical support services and social skills to make positive changes in women’s lives through a flexible, resource rich program. With the flexible resource model, we address a wide variety of social issues to direct women toward more responsible lifestyles and commitment to their recovery. We recognize that the women attending the program are typically faced with magnified social, emotional and family challenges and require individualized approaches and emotional and behavioral support in order to assist them in their success.

The frequency, intensity and length of treatment depends on the individual patient’s needs, but consists of a planned regimen of clinical services for a minimum of 25 hours per week. Treatment is specific to maintaining abstinence and preventing relapse while vigorously promoting personal accountability, responsibility, and positive character change in an intense therapeutic community.

Key Features

  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Staff on waking duty 24/7
  • Services delivered by multi-disciplinary team consisting of:
    • Licensed / certified addiction counselors
    • Nursing staff
    • Physician
  • Individual and group counseling emphasizing cognitive behavior techniques, life skills training and the Principles of 12-Step Recovery. Groups include:
    • Cognitive behavioral groups
    • Small process groups
    • Drug education groups
    • Relapse prevention groups
    • Anger management groups
    • Life skills groups
    • Wellness groups to address co-occurring disorders
    • Weekly family program, including family education groups and visitation
  • Therapeutic recreational activities
  • AA, CA and NA meetings
  • Individualized aftercare plans to promote sustained recovery and meet specific relapse prevention and continuing care needs.